It has never been easier to invest!

It has never been easier to invest. Lysa works as a super-smart account with the capital automatically invested across diversified funds at low costs.

The more you invest, the cheaper it gets

10 000 SEK
Lysas fee (%)
0,24 %
Lysas fee (SEK)
24 SEK
Initial capital 10 000 SEK
In addition to Lysa's fee, there is only a fee for low-cost funds of between 0,12 - 0,16% and transaction fees. There is no surcharge on Lysa's fee for transaction fees. Instead, you only pay what it costs.

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We help you to identify the appropriate risk level and to diversify the risks

Before you open an account, we ask you questions to identify your appropriate risk level. Every deposit you make are automatically invested in a globally diversified portfolio aligned with your target allocation.

Investments in countries with a total holding of stocks and bonds
  • above 20 %
  • between 10 % and 20 %
  • between 5 % and 10 %
  • between 1 % and 5 %
  • less than 1 %
  • Stocks:
  • Bonds:
An investment of 100 000 SEK with a target allocation of % Stocks and % Bonds. would have been placed in stock funds and in bond funds
Något gick fel. Vi kunde inte hämta grafdatan.

Deviations in the map occur because (i) underlying funds update their holdings irregularly, (ii) the resolution of the map is not high enough to show holdings in countries such as Guernsey, (iii) funds usually hold a marginal amount of liquid funds and (iv) ) we round all figures to whole kronor.