Our vision: set the new standard in savings

(A standard that's smarter, cheaper and more transparent for the customer)

We want to democratise asset management

Many people know that high fees eat in to a large portion of one's capital. Fewer people know how much they actually pay to banks and fund managers. In addition, you should think about risk diversification, having a plan for your savings, following that plan, avoiding letting emotions control decisions and continuously reviewing the portfolio. It is no wonder that some suffer from investment anxiety.

There ought to be a whole industry out there to help consumers, but unfortunately the financial services industry does not work as it should. The best interests of the customer are seldom not in conflict with the financial institutions' interest in maximising earnings, which are largely derived from expensive products and hidden fees. This results in customers receiving product or services which are from the best for the customer.

Lysa wants to democratise asset management. By eliminating conflicts of interest and using new technological solutions, Lysa offers advanced asset management to everyone. Similar services have previously only existed for the very wealthy individuals and then at a significantly higher cost. With Lysa it is easy to invest right.